Hi there!

We’re Kassie and Jordan. We’re both agricultural engineers, and we’ve been together since we met in college. Things we love:

  • Manufacturing, welding, etc. our own designs (hence the “carbon steel” in the name)
  • Coffee
  • Music and concerts (see above photo of us at Bonnaroo)
  • Outdoors
  • Movies
  • Sarcasm (me more than him)
  • Sports (him more than me)
  • Each other (d’awwww)

Jordan has a masters degree with an emphasis on fluid power and works at Caterpillar in hydraulic research. He’s a smartypants 🙂

I (Kassie) have a lowly bachelors degree and currently work as a design engineer for a hydraulic drive axle company. I get to get my hands dirty, work on trucks, and design new products every day. It’s pretty cool.

We are typical engineers and love to design, build, and generally work on new things. This blog is a collection of DIY projects we’ve worked on or are currently trying to muddle through. Hope you enjoy!

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